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Post Affiliate Pro Review

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Post Affiliate Pro is an affiliate marketing software developed by Quality Unit. With more tens of thousands of customers worldwide, Post Affiliate Pro has been helping all size businesses worldwide to manage their affiliate programs.

The software comes with many different features that are important for an affiliate business, such as theme options and custom theme design for your company, support for multiple languages, full compatibility with the web 2.0 platform, an easy customization for each element of the user interface, giving you the maximum flexibility to use the software as you see fit. There are many different themes available to choose from.

The affiliate features in Post Affiliate Pro allow you to accept or reject affiliates, track their performance and communicate with them. With good affiliate features, you will be able to build your own affiliate program structure, whether it is multi-level marketing, one-tier affiliate marketing, or two-tier affiliate marketing. You can have multiple admins to manage your affiliate program, and it will also list all affiliate earnings waiting to be paid, with easy mass-payout integration.

With this software, you can set an unlimited amount of campaigns for your affiliate programs. This feature is available in all versions of the software. You can set the tiers for your affiliate marketing program, as this program allows you to create an affiliate program with unlimited tier structure. You can also set the commission group, performance reward, and you can also create special campaigns for specific affiliates, such as top and highest-earning affiliates. Additionally, you can manage commission structure as well as commission action, allowing you to determine the action required by affiliates in order to earn their commission.

Post Affiliate Pro allows you to add various promotional materials in your affiliate program, so that your affiliates can pick them up easily in their affiliate dashboard and start promoting your products quickly. The promotional materials that you can add to your affiliate program include image banners, text link banners, flash banners, HTML banners, customized PDF, rebrand-able PDF, banner rotator tool, coupons, site replication, page peel banners, and zip banners.

You can track every aspect of your affiliate performance with Post Affiliate Pro. There are essential tracking features included within the software, both in pay-as-you-go and one-time purchase versions. The tracking features include multiple tracking options, various affiliate link types, tracking for direct links, commission split between affiliates, multiple currency options, fraud prevention, sub-ID, lifetime commission, and custom tracking that allows affiliate to track their own performance in their preferred method.

The software offers comprehensive reporting features for you to track the performance of all your affiliates effectively. This way, you will be able to track your overall affiliate program and use the report to improve your marketing promotion and sales. The reporting features include trends, online users, top affiliates, top URLs, quick report, reports for your campaigns, and demographic reports.

The installation is easy and immediate, with more than a hundred useful features that will help you to boost the quality of your affiliate program. The different pricing strategy will allow you to start the program with the basic features, and upgrade your plan whenever you need it. This software comes with 30-day money back guarantee that allows you to evaluate the software for a month without a risk of losing your investment.

In conclusion Whether you have a small online shop or a big-scale corporate business eCommerce website, you will be able to use Post Affiliate Pro to build a reliable affiliate program and track its performance as you need it. With flexible pricing method, you can choose either to use monthly or one-time fee for the usage of the software.

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