Referral Agreement

Referral Agreement

Visibility One is an up and coming vibrant consulting company rendering IT solutions, IT services and Search Engine Marketing to a number of industries in North America. We believe in the collaborative spirit.

Visibility One would like to work with you. You can pass on any business lead, information or business opportunity and can earn handsome return while still enjoying your regular job or business. You may not invest any time or money and yet earn from this program. We will work on your lead and if we turn it into a successful business; we will pay you the referral fee based on the agreed terms in the referral program.

Referral Disclaimer:

  • This program is open to anyone, including current and prospective Visibility One Clients.
  • The referral form must be completed fully to qualify.
  • Completion of the referral form shall constitute agreement by the referring person with Visibility One.
  • Persons referring their current employer are welcome, but unfortunately cannot qualify for a referral award, in order to avoid a conflict of interest.
  • Persons completing the referral form will be asked to confirm that their current employer does not forbid their receipt of a referral award from Visibility One under this program.
  • Multiple referrals to the same prospective organization count only once, even if the subsequent referrals are to different individuals within that organization.
  • If two or more people make a referral relating to the same organization, only the first shall qualify. It is Visibility One sole responsibility to identify the earlier referral.
  • Referrals to organizations where Visibility One is already engaged in a sales process, either directly (direct sales) or through an authorized Visibility One partner, shall not be eligible for this program. It shall be Visibility One’s sole discretion to identify such duplicate referrals and to inform the referring party of this ineligibility.
  • All referrals will be treated with absolute confidentiality and your name will never be mentioned or otherwise conveyed to any referral without your express permission.
  • To ensure your referral is received and meets the program guidelines, referrals must be sent using the following link:  Submit Referral Now.
  • Visibility One Referral Program does not apply to any referred individual that Visibility One is working with currently or has worked with in the past, is in Visibility One database or approaches Visibility One directly.
  • All deliverables produced for Visibility One’s clients will remain the exclusive intellectual property of Visibility One. Referrer will be required to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to protect both Visibility One and the company being referred.

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