Online Media Planning

Online advertising is NOT just about banners…

Online Media Buying & Planning

Visibility One’s online media buying and planning services let you leverage the strength of premium publisher websites to reach your audience through some of the world’s most respected media channels.

Visibility One represents over 2,000 elite, brand-name publishers across a variety of verticals including news, entertainment, retail, and health/fitness. Our online media buying and planning team can align your business with these powerful, top-tier brands, thereby enabling you to buy deeper into the online marketplace. Through our innovative media buying services, you’ll reach millions of people in your desired demographic, while enjoying complete transparency and quality control, stronger performance and a higher ROI.

Visibility One’s online media planning services manage the placement of:

  • Cost per click ads
  • Banner ads
  • Background ads
  • Pop-under ads
  • Transition ads (interstitials)
  • Mobile ads
  • Dashboard ads
  • Graphic, rich media and text ad formats

Online Media Planning Services

Visibility One’s online media buying and planning experts negotiate rates, coordinate the creation of your campaign, manage the channel mix, place your orders and report on your results. We work within your budget to create a custom action plan for your marketing objectives so you know you’re getting the best possible results for your marketing dollar. Our suite of online media buying and planning strategies includes:

  • Contextual Advertising – Through contextual advertising, we are able to widen your reach by targeting your audience while they are viewing a website containing content related to your business. Contextual advertising increases brand awareness and leads to a lift in search activity.
  • Placement Targeting – In addition to contextual advertising, or placing advertising by the theme of keywords, we are also able to target specific sites to advertise on that reach your demographic audience. Our research team provides targeting options based upon interests, gender, industries and so on. As with contextual advertising, placement targeting increases brand awareness and positively impacts search activity.
  • Site/Search Retargeting – Site retargeting allows us to re-engage with a visitor to your site who has not performed the desired action. For example, a visitor who placed an item in a shopping cart but did not complete the purchase. We can subsequently serve that person an ad enticing them to come back and complete the action; perhaps offer them a discount if they return to the site. A primary focus is always to drive traffic and new visitors to a site. Site retargeting is an invaluable strategy to also help convert the traffic that has already visited the site whether they arrived through organic search, paid or email.
  • Search retargeting is used to engage with a visitor who has shown interest via the keywords that have used in the search boxes of Google, Yahoo! and Bing, regardless of the sites that they have visited.

Benefits of Visibility One’s Online Media Buying Services

  • Expand your coverage and reach your audience by being visible – even when they are not specifically searching for you
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Reach people at various stages of the buying cycle

Visibility One’s online media buying and planning services are designed to strengthen your brand and generate direct leads, even when your customers are not on your website. Contact us today to learn more about our online media buying services.