Mobile Marketing

Complete Suite of Mobile Marketing Solutions

Mobile Marketing

With the exponential growth of searches being conducted from mobile devices it is increasingly important to have a sound presence in the mobile space. Visibility One has a complete suite of mobile marketing solutions that effectively promote your brand and integrate your current marketing initiatives for the mobile market:

Visibility One’s Mobile Marketing Solutions Include:

Mobile Presence

  • Design and develop custom mobile-friendly websites to enhance user experience
  • Mobile optimization for on-the-go conversions
  • Full mobile analytics tracking and analysis to ensure campaign success
  • Video optimization to ensure speedy playback and resolution on mobile devices

Mobile Promotion

  • Promote and optimize campaigns that feature location-based advertising and mobile barcode technologies
  • Mobile application development and deployment to major application directories such as iTunes, the Android Market and the Blackberry Application store
  • Deploy text (SMS) messaging and alert campaigns to build up a highly-targeted mobile database
  • Tap into location-based platforms to create a fully interactive user experience based on current geographical location
  • Build a targeted list of potential and current consumers through SMS acquisition which allows companies to:
    • Tap into one of the fastest growing markets
    • Send on the fly time sensitive marketing communications (i.e. “For the next hour, purchase something with the coupon code mobile10 and receive 20% off your purchase). Coincides with the fact that it sends marketing communications to targeted individual instantly.
    • Target individuals geographically

Mobile Search

  • Optimization of mobile sites for mobile search
  • Create mobile paid search strategies that maximize performance and results
  • Fully integrated click-to-call and click-to-play-video capability
  • Mobile specific content creation

Why Mobile Marketing Services are More Important Than Ever

Studies and statistics show that mobile technology isn’t only the wave of the future, it’s the wave of NOW. Failure to implement a mobile marketing strategy is severely undercutting the potential of your business. Consider these facts:

  • Smartphones will be consumers’ primary ecommerce tool by 2015 – Nielsen 2010
  • 54% of consumers who researched online but bought offline used their mobile device to search – ComScore
  • Mobile commerce revenue is expected to reach $2.4 billion in 2010 – ComScore
  • Location-based service users are growing from roughly 100 MM in 2009 to more than 500 MM in 2010 – Gartner Nov 2009
  • 500% growth in mobile search from 2008 to 2010 – Google Internal Data
  • Over 6 billion apps downloaded by end of 2010 – Complete, Inc. 2009

It’s a proven fact that when businesses optimize for mobile marketing, they experience:

  • 46% greater click-through rate
  • 119% greater conversion rate
  • 11% lower cost-per-acquisition

Contact us today to learn how our mobile marketing services can dramatically increase your visibility and your success.