On-Page Optimization

An essential element of web promotion

On-Page Optimization

As part of our integrated SEO services, Visibility One designs customized on-page optimization strategies to help improve the content and structure of your website so maximum exposure, traffic and revenue from the natural search engines can be attained. The competition for visibility on the first page of search results is always increasing, as studies find that more than 95% of search engine traffic comes from the first 10 listings. Visibility One’s optimization strategies will focus on getting your brand into that elite group.

Our on-page optimization strategies combine the latest in technical analysis with marketing-driven keyword research and content strategies.  In today’s Internet landscape, it isn’t enough to simply rank for any keyword.  We ensure that the words and phrases we target are thoroughly tested to be the most targeted for your business.  Our comprehensive on-page optimization strategy, combined with a targeted link building approach, leads to first page search rankings and increased organic traffic for our clients.


The Benefits of On-Page Optimization

  • Cost-effective customer acquisition.
  • Increased sales and ROI.
  • Added brand credibility.
  • Drives targeted traffic.

Search is demand-driven, so visitors referred from a search engine are hoping that your web page matches their search query. If it does, and you show them all the information they need to see, the odds of them becoming your next customer are significantly increased.


Our On-Page Optimization Strategies Includes:

  • Business Analysis – A thorough assessment of your business goals and needs.
  • SEO Technical Audit – A comprehensive review of all technical factors that may be inhibiting your site from achieving maximum visibility.
  • Competitive Analysis – We look at your competition to see what they’re doing right, what they’re doing wrong and how we can make you better.
  • Keyword Research and Development – Intensive research is conducted so we can optimize your site for the words and terms that matter most to your targeted audience.
  • Title, Meta and ALT Tag Optimization – We customize behind-the-scenes site information exclusively for your company according to the most targeted keywords for enhanced results.
  • Image Optimization – We choose images that best reflect your company, image, message and brand paying close attention to size, file names, alt tags and folder structure.
  • SEO Copywriting – We deliver copy that is marketing-driven and customer-centric so your customers not only find you on the web faster, but when they do, they’re compelled to convert.
  • Subdomain and URL Strategies – We create SEO friendly subdomain and URL strategies that make sense.
  • Site Architecture Development and Refinement – We fine tune the look of your site so it’s SEO-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate and targeted to your specific audience.
  • XML sitemap creation and submission.
  • Local Submissions – We submit your site to various Local Business and Regional Directories, including Google Places, so your site is highly visible above and beyond the search engine results.

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