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Targeted Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing

Visibility One’s email marketing services build brand awareness and promote products by reaching specific target demographics through timely and smart email messages. Email marketing is not just about sending out your monthly newsletter anymore. Through targeted email marketing, you can reach an audience of millions to offer a special savings promotion, introduce a new product or to obtain additional email addresses. Visibility One’s email services seamlessly integrate with all of your other online marketing strategies so you can gain a stronger foothold in your market.

Our email marketing services will not only help you reach your existing customer base in a fast, cost-effective manner, but we’ll also provide you with proven email marketing solutions for growing your customer list.

Targeted Email Marketing- Why It Works

  • Builds and reinforces branding and credibility
  • Reaches potential new customers and clients
  • Can be highly targeted for specific demographics
  • Allows for testing, personalization and segmentation
  • Drives sales, leads and revenue growth
  • Increases viral marketing opportunities
  • Complements offline marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Quick turnaround times
  • Cost-effective results
  • Gives trackable results in real-time

Visibility One’s Email Marketing Services

From inception to distribution, Visibility One’s email marketing services address every facet of your email campaign. We have email marketing experts who oversee the development of your campaign from start to finish so you can be confident that it’s not only going to be done right, but it’s going to be effective as well. Our email services include:

  • Design and creation of the email blast
  • Creation of the email copy
  • Subject line testing
  • Creative testing
  • Reporting
  • Trigger based emails
  • Strategy development for increasing list size

Develop and foster solid, long-term relationships with your customers through cost-effective, targeted email marketing and advertising. Contact us and find out more about our email marketing services.