Bid Management

Delivering a truer picture of your company's online performance and its ROI

PPC Bid Management

Visibility One’s PPC bid management software enables us to close the loop on paid search marketing to deliver a truer picture of your company’s online performance and its ROI. By using cross channel tracking and conversion attribution, we are able to identify those keywords and channels that assist in generating conversions, thereby allowing us to optimize for the most efficient spend and return.

Benefits of our PPC Bid Management Services

  • Increase pay per click conversions and reduce cost per acquisition across multiple campaigns and multiple engines
  • Spend budget more efficiently by reacting and responding to market trends and changes.  Adjust for seasonal trends, low volume and/or low performing keywords
  • Optimize campaigns via a dynamic portfolio approach which easily recognizes, manages and tracks keywords of interests
  • Set goals to meet CPA, traffic (CPC), margin (ROAS), key word positioning or profit-based objectives
  • Use conversion attribution to give weight to the first click, last click and clicks in between in the bidding algorithm

PPC Bid Management Services Include:

  • Portfolio creation, optimization and maintenance
  • Dashboard creation to view ongoing trends and cross-publisher account performance
  • Customized reporting (data and charts) at all levels – account, publisher, campaign, ad group, keywords, ad text and portfolio including conversion and conversion assist information
  • Keyword research, expansion and optimization
  • Ad text creation and optimization

Visibility One’s PPC bid management services provide you with greater control over your online portfolio. Contact us today to learn about our proprietary PPC bid management tools.