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Delray Beach firm helps businesses bring more prospects to sites

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What if you gave a party but only a few people showed up?

And what if you had an attractive Internet Web site designed and posted, but few people find it?

Happens all the time, say those in the know.

“There are a lot more Web sites that are unsuccessful than successful,” says Steven Scop, CEO and President of Delray Beach-based

“That’s because qualified prospects never find them. And if you don’t get effective traffic to your site, it’s not successful.”

The mission of is to make sure qualified prospective customers do find their clients’ Web sites.

And the key to that is getting high rankings on the major Internet search engines.

According to Forrester Research Inc., 81 percent of all Internet consumers find Web sites using a search engine. The person types in the key words or phrases pertaining to the information he seeks. The search engine then kicks up a list of sites, which may be of interest.

If a Web site doesn’t show up in the search engine, or the site’s ranking is something like 583 out of 7,896 entries, the prospective customer has little chance of finding your site.

“That can mean lost customers, because those who use search engines to locate sites are usually looking for specific products or services your company may be offering,” says Scop.

So specializes in selecting key words or phrases, which insures that its clients’ Web sites get high rankings among the search engines’ listings.

“We analyze your Web site along with competing sites and provide assistance in selecting keywords or phrases to attract qualified traffic,” he adds.

“Using our knowledge of each search engine’s criteria, we submit your key words to attain top positions.”

Scop says generally whoever builds the Web site makes the key word submissions to the search engines.

“Their primary aim is to develop and build an attractive, easy-to-navigate Web site,” he says. “Their job doesn’t necessarily include the search engine submissions, although they usually do this.

“But getting top search engine listings is our specialty. We also build and host Web sites, offer graphic design and IT/software development services.”

Scop says there are several thousand search engines on the Internet.

“A great looking Web site is nice, but it is only effective if being viewed by a stream of qualified prospects.

“We only submit to the top 12,” he says. “That gives our clients about 95 percent coverage.” is less than a year old. But the privately held, profitable firm already provides search engine positioning services to an impressive list of clients.

“Our clients include medium sized corporations as well as small businesses,” says Scop.

The firm offers businesses a free report on how their key words are positioned on the major search engines.

Clients’ Web sites are then analyzed and recommendations made to make their sites more search engine friendly. at a glance…

Location: Delray Beach
Phone: (561) 206-2564
Web site:
Founders: Steven Scop
Founded: 2011
Ownership: Private

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