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  • 10 Things Your E-Commerce Site Should Have

    Shopping, it’s a woman’s thing right? Well, not anymore. There are many online stores with a wide range of tech gadgets which can make any man glued to the screen for hours. Also, there are numerous web stores that cater for kids, parents and teenagers as well. In general, eCommerce websites engage web customers and they are ready to struggle for each and every one of them. These days, you can’t really say that online ...

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  • 10 Twitter Strategy Tips to help you gain more followers

    For businesses, there are a number of benefits to using Twitter.  Twitter is beneficial for brand awareness,  to gain competitive intelligence, engage with your target audience, online reputation, promote your blog content, self-promotion, boost your website rankings in the search engines or sending out press releases. Here are 10 twitter strategy tips to help you gain more followers: 1)  Don’t use all of the 140 characters (you want people to repost your tweets) so 60-70 characters is ...

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  • Delray Beach firm helps businesses bring more prospects to sites

    What if you gave a party but only a few people showed up? And what if you had an attractive Internet Web site designed and posted, but few people find it? Happens all the time, say those in the know. "There are a lot more Web sites that are unsuccessful than successful," says Steven Scop, CEO and President of Delray Beach-based "That’s because qualified prospects never find them. And if you don’t get effective traffic to your site, ...

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